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Step into the lives of Mormon missionaries as they teach their Christian faith around the world. Host Lily Gold interviews past missionaries to explore their stories, from the poignant to the hilarious. Also included is the ever important 'member missionary' stories which are as valid and important! Mormon Missionary Stories gives you a glimpse into an integral thread of the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) church and the ordinary people doing the extraordinary. Explore the website: Contact me at
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Apr 9, 2016

Isaiah Myers had never been around so many Mormons as the day he walked into the mission training center.  Experiencing poverty in his early years, Isaiah knows what it means to struggle. But love is something that he's had no shortage of in his life.  From beautiful passionate parents and wonderful siblings, to a love for the gospel that inspires him to always reach for more.  

Isaiah's natural ability to educate and sincere love for all people made him a natural missionary and powerful one, at that.  Like his father, Isaiah feels a special responsibility to help his fellow black sisters and brothers come to terms with the history of the blacks and the priesthood so they can enjoy all the blessings of the gospel with joyful hearts.

Isaiah Myers is an extraordinary young man and this isn't an episode you'll want to miss!