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Mormon Missionary Stories Podcast

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and exploring the Mormon Missionary Stories Podcast.  Simply a labor of love, I hope it will bring a warm spirit to your day like it does mine.  -Lily

Sep 19, 2016

Ty Whelan had never been outside of Utah before being called to serve a mission to the Australia mission in 1966.  Having been inactive most of his youth he had a lot of catching up to do.  

After serving an honorable mission Ty learned that he could get his education paid for by enlisting in the military.  So he did just that... but as many often find out, the military is a lot harsher than they expect.  Sitting out on a hot dusty hill in Vietnam at one particular point, Ty receives a surprise postcard that will give him deep pause and reverence for his mission for the rest of his life...

Enjoy this conversation with Ty Whelan!