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Mormon Missionary Stories Podcast

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and exploring the Mormon Missionary Stories Podcast.  Simply a labor of love, I hope it will bring a warm spirit to your day like it does mine.  -Lily

May 1, 2016

Addie James started her young life with no religion.  Upon moving to a new neighborhood she made friends with Mormon girls who introduced her to Young Women's Girls Camp.  That was her extent of Mormonism... until the Mormon missionaries walked by their front yards.

Addie began her journey into her new religion with faith and patience.  While definitely not a smooth road, as it usually isn't for converts (or members!) Addie made the eventual decision to serve an LDS mission.  

Addie was shocked and thrilled to read Samara, Russia on her mission call!  

Listen in as Addie shares with us her experiences and feelings from her life and mission. Enjoy!