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Step into the lives of Mormon missionaries as they teach their Christian faith around the world. Host Lily Gold interviews past missionaries to explore their stories, from the poignant to the hilarious. Also included is the ever important 'member missionary' stories which are as valid and important! Mormon Missionary Stories gives you a glimpse into an integral thread of the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) church and the ordinary people doing the extraordinary. Explore the website: Contact me at
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Jun 26, 2016

Listen in as Shayla Shaw shares her experiences from the fun to the darkest time in her life.  Truly an inspirational story.  Enjoy!

Jun 19, 2016

Shyanna Toscano knew that she wanted to either serve her country or serve an LDS mission.  She chose to serve her country.  But after a powerful experience in her service she knew that she was also meant to serve a mission.   

Listen in as Shyanna shares her life and mission experiences in the London South, England mission.

Fun note: Shyanna is married to Junior Toscano of episode 12.  So be sure you listen to his episode also!  Enjoy!

Jun 12, 2016

In this episode, Emily Pulham answers my longtime questions of "What exactly do Temple Square missionaries do?! And What is that mission like??" Well she didn't disappoint!  Listen in as Emily Bateman Pulham shares stories from her life and mission.

Jun 5, 2016

Ravi Kumar is a Mormon pioneer in India. It’s not always easy being one of the relatively few members in one of the most populated countries of the world.   I’m struck by the faith required of Indian youth to leave for missionary service at a time when most of their peers are moving forward with their university studies.  It’s not easy to do this when your culture doesn’t understand the value of a mission.

Ravi shares his story of converting to the church in his youth and the journey to his mission. Still very active in the church, Ravi has a stalwart commitment to not only his local fellow members, but also his continual missionary efforts.  Ravi truly lives up to his saying, “Once a missionary… always a missionary…”

Enjoy getting to know Ravi Kumar of Hyderabad, India!